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A Multi Vectored Data Security Solution that Integrates Security, Intrusion Response, Data Assurance, Context and Safety!

The Real Problem

Industry rarely sees Radical Innovations – Neridio was born out of a decade of Industry observations

  • IT Systems and Storage Systems built WITHOUT security at its center.

  • Traditional Security tools work in silos and solve only part of the problem without context and do not stand up to modern cyber threats.

  • Storing data in Cloud Storage comes with business risks due to the lack of control and other shared security issues.

  • Data stored in On-Premise is equally susceptible to many forms of insider attacks as well as cyber-attacks.

  • Data transferred across WAN is subjected to wire-tapping and data exposure through quantum attacks. The scope and severity of Ransomware attacks cannot be overstated.

Data-centric security needs a holistic design integration of Data Security and Data Protection solutions. These are fundamental system design gaps that IT faces today in Cloud, On-Premise and WAN infrastructure. It is time a revolution is needed with a new approach to find a holistic solution.

The Holistic Solution

Neridio reimagined IT resilience with an Integrated approach on Data Security, Data Protection and Cyber Resilience, as the data moves in space and time, as a life cycled solution – This point of view affected our product architecture and design.

Solution Highlights

  • Zero Trust Approach to Cloud, On-Premise and WAN Infrastructure.

  • Data Centric Security end-to-end as the data moves in space and time.

  • Radically improving Information Assurance, Cybersecurity Readiness and Risk Mitigation with a single solution.

  • Uniquely delivering an all-new Swiss-Army-Knife for Cyber Resilience, Closed Loop Risk Mitigation and Data-centric security.

  • Targeting Data infrastructure like Hybrid-Cloud, Datacentres, Backup Infra and Cloud-Native.

Neridio solutions come with data protection modules which are deeply integrated with data security and risk mitigation fabric. Neridio’s Security and Risk mitigation fabric Introduced the world’s most holistic Cybersecurity SoC with a data-centric approach.

The solution is further comprised of a multi-cloud storage dispersal module driving cross-cloud erasure coding and data anonymization for Security In-Cloud along with OS security module for Security Under-Operation, a Storage Security module for Security at-Rest and WAN data transfer tunnelling service for Data Security In-Motion. Security Automation Module is powered by Data Science, MLOps and System Context derived from Cybersecurity Telemetry.

Our Solutions

Needless to say, corporate IT is paralyzed with unprecedented challenges and risks from Cyber threats, Ransomware attacks and Malicious insiders. Fragmented IT repositories, Hybrid-Cloud and Cloud-Native deployments have compounded such attack vectors and challenge the CXO boardroom more than ever.

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Neridio responded to this new market situation with different variants of its NERVIO solution suite that marinates all our key 4 Innovations into its solutions to fit customer deployments.

NervioSoc - RationalVault

NervioSoc for Windows or Linux – code named as RationalVault is the world’s first, Autonomous Risk Mitigation and Storage Intrusion Mitigation Systems for Hybrid-Cloud and Cloud-Native platforms, bringing AIOps, SecOps and ITOps together – realizing a new experience on Cybersecurity readiness.

What an IDS/IPS, Active Response/SoC product is to the network infrastructure, a RationalVault solution is to Storage/Data Infrastructure – Industry First Indisputably. 


NervioGuard is an Industry exclusive solution for holistic approach towards attack mitigation against Ransomware and Malicious Insiders. Built upon years of hard research including a number of US patents, converge PRE, DURING and POST Risk mitigation phases of Ransomware attacks facing critical IT Infrastructure.

NervioGaurd Solution is powered by Information theory, De-centralized data vaulting, Data-centric security engineering, System security controls and Realtime Data protection as Built-by-Design features.

We target key verticals such as

Legal/Criminal Department


Defence Organizations


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