Our 4 Key Innovations
We introduce to the Industry

CROSS-CLOUD RAID - Zero Trust Cloud Storage Architecture

Enter the world’s first MultiCloud Virtualization . Introducing RAID-across-Clouds paradigm, realizing Redundant Array of Independent Clouds model for unseen data security, Quantum-safe data preservation with information theoretic data security. Built upon Zero Trust Cloud Storage Architecture for Privacy controls, Governance and Data residency. Neridio Founder, Peter Chacko pioneered cross-cloud storage architecture, Distributed, Virtual Cloud or Cloud Storage Hypervisor ( US Patent US9128626 Granted in 2015).

Data-Centric Security in-motion, Quantum-safe

It has been shown that Encryption/VPN will not  stand up  to wire-tapping  followed by  quantum computing attacks on crypto. Neridio responds to this market threat with its path breaking innovation on Exclusive Path  Data Routing paired  with Content Fragmentation,   breaking away from sole dependence on Encryption based VPN  technologies. Neridio introduces information theoretical security to  data security in-motion.  

NervioDataLanes re-imagined data security for the quantum computing era and is a radically secure wide area data transfer mechanism built upon information-theoretical security paradigm as opposed to computational security which can be broken by wire-tapping and Quantum computing attacks.

Holistic Ransomware Defense

Neridio solution for Ransomware mitigation blend storage security, ransomware intrusion mitigation and system security with converged data protection controls. Nerdio solution delivers a multi-vectored threat  resilience experience with a single solution built from the ground up for Ransomware Era. We help customers mitigate the Ransomware attacks during PRE, DURING and POST phase with an integrated system design approach. Technology is powered by a number of patents  pending.
What  an IDS/IPS/Active Response/SoC product  is for the network security, is what RationalVault product   to Storage Security industry – Industry First , indisputably. 

AIOps driven, Contextual Security, paired with Risk Mitigation

Holistic Data Security CANNOT be realized with point solutions and traditional security tools do not address different attack vectors to storage systems across space and time, not contextual, not design-integrated with storage systems,  not designed with Ransomware and Quantum computing attack vectors and  built without a life cycle approach.

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