Get Ransomware Protection for your IT Now!!
Our IT Risk Mitigation Solution is built with Ransomware Resilience by-design.
Data-centric Security to Digital Platforms
At-rest, Under-Operation and In-Motion – Immune to Quantum Computing Attacks.
Real Time Intrusion Response to Data Infrastructure
Re-imagined Information Security Solution to Data Infrastructure - Connecting Context, Attack Signatures, Visibility and Real time Intrusion Response that was never possible earlier.
Experience Zero Trust System Architecture
Paired with no Single-Point-Of-Attack Assurance - Re-Imagined Data Fabric with Safety and Security Joined at the Hip.

Data Centric Security End-to-End - Our Mission

The Real Problem

Industry rarely sees Radical Innovations - Neridio was born out of a decade of Industry observations:

Data-centric security needs a holistic design integration of data security and data protection solutions. These are fundamental system design gaps that IT faces today in cloud, on-premise and WAN infrastructure.  It is time a revolution is needed with a new approach to find a holistic solution.

The Holistic Solution

Enter Neridio - Last word in Storage Security End-to-End

Neridio reimagined IT resilience with an Integrated approach on Data Security, Data Protection and Cyber Resilience, as the data moves in space and time, as a life cycled solution – This point of view affected our product architecture and design.

Neridio solutions come with data protection modules which are deeply integrated with data security and risk mitigation fabric. Neridio’s security and risk mitigation fabric Introduced the world’s most holistic cyber security SoC with a data-centric approach.

The solution comprised of a multi-cloud storage dispersal module driving cross-cloud erasure coding and data anonymization for Security In-Cloud along with OS security module for Security Under-Operation. A Storage Security module for Security at-Rest and WAN data transfer tunneling service for Data Security In-Motion. A security automation module is powered by data Science, ML Ops and System Context derived from cyber security telemetry.

Solution Highlights

Our 4 Key Innovations we introduce to the industry

CROSS-CLOUD RAID - Zero Trust Cloud Storage Architecture

Data-Centric Security in-motion, Quantum-safe

Holistic Ransomware Defense

AIOps driven, Contextual Security, paired with Risk Mitigation

Our Solutions

Corporate IT is paralyzed with unprecedented challenges and risks from cyber threats, ransomware attacks and malicious insiders. Fragmented IT repositories, Hybrid-Cloud and Cloud-Native deployments have compounded such attack vectors and challenge the CXO Boardroom more than ever.

Neridio responded to this new market pain points with different variants of its NERVIO solution suite that incorporate all our key 4 Innovations into its solutions to fit customer deployments.

NervioSoc for Windows or Linux – code named as RationalVault is the world’s first, Autonomous Risk Mitigation and Storage Intrusion Mitigation Systems for Hybrid-Cloud and Cloud-Native platforms, bringing AIOps, SecOps and ITOps together – realizing a new experience on Cyber Security readiness.

What an IDS/IPS, Active Response/SoC product is to the network infrastructure, a Rational Vault solution is to Storage/Data Infrastructure – Industry First Indisputably. 

NervioGuard is an Industry exclusive solution for holistic approach towards attack mitigation against Ransomware and Malicious Insiders. Built upon years of hard research protected by a number of US patents, converge PRE, DURING and POST Risk mitigation phases of Ransomware attacks targeted at critical IT Infrastructure.

NervioGaurd Solution is powered by Information theory, De-centralized data vaulting, Data-centric security engineering, System security controls and Realtime Data protection as Built-by-Design features.

Neridio, targets key verticals such as Financial/Insurance Institutions, Healthcare, Pharma, High-Tech, Government, Legal/Criminal Departments and Defense Organizations with the following key use cases –

What our Customers say

Neridio’s solution helped us secure and protect our MySQL DB Infrastructure from Ransomware risks.

IT Head – A Leading Telecom Solutions & Service Provider

Unique integration of Ransomware protection and Data protection of Neridio’s Solution brings unmatched data assurance to our critical IT infrastructure.

CISO, A Multinational Dental Products Manufacturer

Neridio’s data assurance solution is running with no incidence for the last 18 months at our customer’s Datacenter, A Tier-2 Chilean Bank.

CEO – A Global IT Solutions Provider

We have not seen a better solution that can handle cloud-vendor data lock-in and risks than what Neridio provides with its cross-cloud data coding technology.

CIO, A Major Healthcare Products & Equipment Manufacturer

Using Neridio’s solution, we can now focus on serving patients, without worrying on data breaches and IT down-time.

CEO, A leading Heart Hospital & Research Center

With Neridio’s solution our sensitive customer financial data is secure & protected. We are very impressed with Neridio’s security features, built as the foundation layer.

IT Head, A large Financial Accounting Firm

    Our Leadership Team

    Peter Chacko

    Founding Technologist & General Leader

    Juergen Seipel

    Partner & Advisor , Global GTM Operations.

    Jean-Luc Pugnet

    Partner and Advisor - GTM operations, France

    MS Prasad

    Chief Scientist and Partner

    Saleem Mohammed

    Head of Business Operations

    Kumar Perumal

    Head - Engineering Services, Cloud-Native Infrastructure

    Davis George

    Chief Strategist-Market-Solutions Fit

    MS Prasad

    Chief Scientist and Partner

    Saleem Mohammed

    Head of Business Operations

    Kumar Perumal

    Head - Engineering Services, Cloud-Native Infrastructure

    Davis George

    Chief Strategist-Market-Solutions Fit