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    Common Requirements for Engineering Positions:

    You are a high energy a team player , highly action oriented with sustained passion for science, technology and engineering

    You are an original thinker, and show the way for others and always want to work for the greatest, small company.

    You have an entrepreneurial inclination and identify yourself as a "creator".

    Currently we have openings for below positions.

    Software Engineers (at various levels) R&D - 3 to 30 Years of experience:

  •           We are a deep engineering company, applying the advanced theoretical computer science, such as information theory, memory-oblivious data structures, machine learning, AI, Block chain integrating to IT stack such as distributed storage, virtualization, multi-cloud technologies and networking technologies striving to bring in a paradigm shift to the world of modern data protection, cyber security, data management and data intelligence. We want to solve complex problems with a simple interface and we deliver what we say. We are founded upon a team of missionary entrepreneurs. Every day, we wake up with the mind that we are going to live for ever when it comes to creativity and learning and we close our every day with the awareness that it could be our last day. When we work, we work like fire fighters where a single second is utilized to advance the purpose of our charter.

  •           With this core mission, we are constantly looking for brilliant minds who are fanatically committed to the serious computer science and IT career, with their right brain quotient at high level. We are bold, passionate and ambitious and looking for the same brave hearts. We work very hard and expect our associates the same attitude. We believe, we are here to change the world and leave a trace than being mere spectators. We do not have any concept of employees. All of our engineers are our associates/partners and will co-own the company. We look at every new engineer as our next re-founder.

    1. 1. We truly need your growth mindset, greatness as a human and a humility. You bring convictions but without arrogance.
    2. 2. We pay reasonable salary with stocks but do not give any extra salary, if you are from IIT or NIT. We have better metrics to value your potential.
    3. 3. We do unconventional hiring - meaning we do not bother if you have the exact skills that we need, we only look at who you become, in future with us.
    4. 4. Ready for the challenge? send a mail to sajith yesterday.... We do not need your resume..

    Senior Web developer:

    The Candidate must have 3-5 years of experience and strong development skills in PHP, JavaSript, Ajax and good understanding in AngularJs. He will be responsible for fast implementation of customer requirements and mentoring junior engineers.

    Quality Assurance:

    The candidate must have 2 years of experience in quality assurance and test automation in storage and file system domain.