What and Why

Neridio is in the business of securing and simplifying distributed IT infrastructure across various IT silos for organizations of all sizes. We are 100% software-defined, security and compliance (such as GDPR,SOX,HIPPA) management company offering our services on a SaaS model for customers world wide. Our targeted customers depend on us to help them sleep with piece of mind by trusting us on the Compliance, security and manageability aspects of their distributed systems and storage silos. We believe that data security is not all about cryptography and is broken as each layer of security solve only a piece and different pieces do not work together. We deliver a 360 degree data security experience, providing unsurpassed data control and visibility/cyber security solutions for file storage assets, security and availability management of systems delivering a total data security experience than a piecemeal solution. We are powered by the inventions on cyber and cloud security(granted US patent and number of pending patents). We are looking out for brilliant engineers with thorough knowledge in OS security, data security(full spectrum) and deep computer science with familiarity with Machine Learning, Block chain and Information Theory.

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